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 Arcan Imperium Application Form

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PostSubject: Arcan Imperium Application Form   Mon Oct 11, 2010 10:55 pm

In order to become a member of The Arcan Imperium - Space Empires Chapter, you will have to complete the following form and post it on the forum. After it is reviewed you may be invited to join based on the alliances criteria for its members.

Copy and paste the completed form below and post it/PM to Mr K or Al.Marcello when it is done.

1. Game Tag(s):
2. Age:
3. Level/Rank:
4: Current Number of Planets:
5. Time spent gaming per week? (approx):
6. Reason you want to join?:
7. Referred by (If it applies):
8. Which Games do you play? For how long?
9: Have you been in an alliance before? For how long?:
10: Date and reason for leaving?:

All forms will be processed as promptly as possible, please be patient.
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Arcan Imperium Application Form
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